/Five Undiscovered Destinations in Bolivia

Five Undiscovered Destinations in Bolivia

Unfortunately, the majority of tourists who visit Bolivia just see the same old route, Sucre, Potosi, Uyuni and La Paz before departing though Lake Titicaca. What if we told you about a whole new variety of exciting tourist destinations which most people have never heard of? Well, here are a few of our favorites.

Jardin Las Delicas Waterfalls

Photo: Nick’s Adventures Bolivia

Just 3 hours from Santa Cruz, these waterfalls are a must visit when traveling through Bolivia. The largest of the falls are an impressive 80 meters high!


Photo: Nick’s Adventures Bolivia

The capital of Beni Bolivia, this is the base for a huge variety of adventures, including Pink Dolphin watching, fishing, bird watching and visiting the incredible San Carlos Wildlife Reserve where if lucky can see Jaguars and giant Black Caimans etc.Other attractions include visiting the Gran Mojas Protected Area which is home the endemic and critically endangered Blue throated Macaw or also Chuchini Reserve which is a privately owned reserve with excellent bird and wildlife watching.

San Miguelito Jaguar Reserve

Photo: Nick’s Adventures Bolivia

An incredible reserve teeming with wildlife just 3 hours drive from Santa Cruz Bolivia.This is an eco tourism project where Nicks Adventures Bolivia has helped develop a tour which compensates Ranchers for cattle losses and in turn no Jaguars or hunting is allowed on the property. Activities here include 4WD trips, night safaris, setting up and checking camera traps, light to intense trekking, boat trips along secluded rivers, horse riding, community visits, wildlife watching, fishing and much more.

Santiago de Chiquitos

Photo: Nick’s Adventures Bolivia

One of our favorite places in all of Bolivia, locals are catching on and are now visiting on long weekends, as yet international tourists are unaware of this paradise. A good tip is to stay at the comfortable Hostel Churpa where the lovely owners will make your stay unforgettable.

Loma de Arenas Protected Area

Photo: Nick’s Adventures BoliviaHave you ever seen jungle meet a desert? Here is your chance. Just 14km from the city of Santa Cruz lies this paradise. Sandboarding, hiking, and sloth watching are just some of the area’s fun activities.  

This article was originally published by Nick’s Adventures Bolivia and is reprinted here with permission.