/Trip Report: Traveling Cheap in Bolivia
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Trip Report: Traveling Cheap in Bolivia

This trip report was contributed by Reddit user u/Kloncs. All opinions are his own. Reposted here with permission.

First of all, Bolivia is a country packed with colours, adventure, history of war with its bigger brothers Peru and Chile, corruption, native complexity, logistical chaos and drugs. Enjoy it! Apparently Bolivians’ favorite thing is going on strikes. So prepare yourself to get stuck in a city, bus or airport at some point.

La Paz

Make sure to book a free walking tour with Red Cap Walking Tours. They really take you around the city and our guide was great!

Apparently La Paz is a great city to party in, but we didn’t really go out much. We found a great Cuban rum & cigar bar located very centrally which was nice, but there wasn’t much action that night. It was close to the Iglesia de San Francisco.

What you must do is the Yungas Road on mountain bikes. We went with the highly acclaimed Gravity company and they did a fantastic job, both as a tour and with our safety. My girlfriend is not much of an adrenaline junkie, but she ended up having a great time down the road. Really– you have to do this! A lot of the other companies completely fail in buying quality bikes and keeping them free of faults. We had 20,000 kr bikes and a guide who let us run freely for a while, but then stopped us all to tell us about the next 2km, to make sure we were prepared for any particular sharp turns and what not.

I really wanted to climb one of the surrounding mountains, but it does take 3-4 days and the weather wasn’t too kind, so I ended up skipping it.

Santa Cruz

Quite a neat city in the lower part of Bolivia surrounded by jungle, which is a good place to visit the pantanal from. The pantanal isa complete unique part of South America’s rainforest, where there’s good chances to see jaguars and loads and loads of other animals. We wanted to go on a jungle tour here and we’ve heard good things about Nick’s Adventures– an Aussie guy running a tour agency here. But unfortunately the rain season had started and the roads were f****ed and blocked by strikes. If you plan to end up here, I’m pretty sure you need to book his tours in advance.


Probably the prettiest city in Bolivia. We spend a couple of days just strolling around, chillin’ out. I can recommend the cemetery and the parques which is very nice compares to the likes in a lot of other cities in South America.

Parque Cretácico a short bus ride on the edge of the city is well worth a visit as well, not so much because of the “amusement park” but because you actually get to see real 65 million year old dinosaur footprints!!

I can definitely recommend Hostel Wasi Masi. Great family run hostel, invited us all for barbecue during the carnival and has cats for bonus entertainment points!


Top 3 of shit to do in Bolivia: Visit the mines of Potosí! We went with Koala Tours, located close to Plaza 10 de Noviembre. It was a trip in a world that is very hard to imagine. If you get the chance, DO IT!

Only stayed here one night. Found a decent hotel on Linares.


The salt flats of Uyuni– out of this world!

We went with a three day tour which was great! You will get offered a ton of tours. Ours was great but in Spanish only, so I wouldn’t recommend that. No need to book in advance, there will be plenty available when you get there. Just read up on it online, if you get the opportunity beforehand, to check what people recommend. The reason whey there’s a city here is because of tourism, so there shouldn’t be any issues getting one. But we booked through Koala Tours in Potosi beforehand.

Bring lots of clothes, water, and snacks. And also an action figure if you get the chance. You will understand when you get there…

This turned out to be rather longer than I expected, but it’s hard to stop yourself from walking down memory lane. I hope this serves as a quick go-to guide if you should run out of ideas.