/6 Stunning National Parks in Bolivia

6 Stunning National Parks in Bolivia

The vast majority of travellers who travel to Bolivia usually only stop and see Uyuni Salt Flats and La Paz before going to Peru via Lake Titicaca. However, Bolivia has some of the most incredibly diverse national parks and protected areas in South America where you can have some of the best wildlife watching experiences combined with some of the most breathtaking landscapes as well. Heres a list of our favorite national parks in Bolivia.

Madidi National Park

madidi national park

Our overall favorite National Park in Bolivia, the spectacular Madidi National Park is one of the most diverse areas found anywhere on earth and it has some of the most intact Amazon Rainforest which is teeming with Wildlife, an all too common mistake is for tourists to book the cheapest lodges where wildlife sighings are hard so if you are going to visit pay the money and you will have a one in a lifetime experience. This park is home to a staggering amount of wildlife which ranges from Harpy Eagles though to Jaguars, Tapirs, Spider Monkeys, Giant Otters and Giant Anteaters.

Eduardo Avaro National Park

laguna colorada bolivia
Bordering the Uyuni Salt Flats, this national park is one of the most amazing places on earth, over 40,000 tourists per year flock here to see the incredible landscapes, colorful lagoons, wildlife and geysers. This National Park is often packaged with the Uyuni Salt Flats and is a must for any traveller visiting Bolivia.

Amboro National Park

Photo: Nick’s Adventures Bolivia
Just a few hours drive from the City of Santa Cruz is the diverse and most accessible Amboro National Park. This park is known by its variety of ecosystems which include Yunga Cloud Forests and Amazon Rainforest. This park is famous for birdwatchers especially to see the Andean Condor, Military Macaw and Horned Currosow. All of the mega fauna can be seen here including the Jaguar, Spectacled Bear, Puma, Giant Anteater and more. 

Toro Toro National Park

Situated in the Cochabamba department this national park stands out because of its unique geology and dinosaur tracks. Attractions of the park include beautiful waterfalls, cave trekking , natural craters, fossil deposits, bird watching and incredible rock formations. 

Otuquis National Park

Photo: Nick’s Adventures Bolivia
Situated on the border of Brazil and Bolivia is the spectacular yet rarely visited Otuquis National Park, this park is deep in the Bolivian Pantanal and offers birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts amazing opportunities to see a huge variety of wildlife. Capybaras are everywhere, as are Caimans and if you are lucky Yellow Anacondas, Giant Otters and Maned Wolves can be seen. Literally thousands of birds can be seen here and its one of the best birdwatching destinations in Bolivia.

Noel Kempff Mercado National Park

Photo: Nick’s Adventures Bolivia
Perhaps one of the most remote and intact National Parks life of the planet, this park is famous for its diverse landscapes and wildife , here pristine Amazon Rainforests merge with Pampas swamplands and many other divese landscapes. The park is famous for its giant waterfalls and Maseta Caparuch which covers over 100km of mountain and grass Savannah. This park is home to thriving populations of Jagaurs, Tapirs, Harpy Eagles and even the Bush Dog and Giant Otters are found in good numbers. Access to this park currently is extremely difficult and we hope in the future it will be opened up to small yet sustainable tourism.
This article was originally published by Nick’s Adventures Bolivia and is reprinted here with permission.