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Hotels in Uyuni, Bolivia

The city of Uyuni is the only location available to begin a journey through the famed salt flats, lagoons and deserts of the extreme south of Bolivia. Modeled after the English colonial era (to whom the city owes its inception), the dusty city itself is an arrangement of one-storied houses, restaurants, pubs, and travel agencies. Getting to Uyuni is only half the battle, while finding a place to stay is another. Uyuni is usually relatively cold year round, so finding a hotel or hostel with heaters located in the rooms is, of course, ideal. Below are some of the best places to stay in Uyuni when looking for accommodations that exceed expectation.

Tambo Aymara

This quaint little haven located on Calle Camacho is decorated with traditional Aymara art and is very warm and comfortable. However, the name and design of the hotel may seem a bit out of place in the southwest of Bolivia, where it is the Quechua people, rather than the Aymara. The hotel has very comfortable beds, heaters, clean bathrooms, Wi-Fi and breakfast included with a night’s stay. It is located right around the corner from the main plaza where there are many shops, restaurants, crafts shops and travel agencies.

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La Maison Martinet Aparthotel

This unique hotel combines the luxuries of an apartment with the accessibility of a hotel. Perfect for a group of travelers seeking a home-away-from-home before journeying to the surrounding attractions, this apartment-styled hotel offers all the comforts of home. Complete with a dining table, stove top, oven, and three-to-four separate bedrooms, this hotel is perfect for those seeking a little privacy while traveling in a group.

The rooms also offer Wi-Fi, laundry service, minibar, heaters, and an optional breakfast when spending the night. Located on Av. Potosi 16, it is directly in the middle of the small city, making wasting what little time you have left from all-day excursions that much easier.

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Le Petite Porte

The cliché “don’t judge a book by its cover” comes to mind when thinking of this unassuming little hotel. At 742 Av. Ferroviaria entre c. Colombia y c. Loa, the outside of the almost hidden hotel is nothing more than a sign adorned with the name, and an old door aside a crumbling sidewalk; yet, walking inside will bring a smile to the face of even the weariest of travelers. With only four bedrooms – complete with new showers and bathrooms – the attention is focused on the visitors’ comfort more than anything. A long, brightly lit, and surprisingly warm hallway leads to the quite, new rooms.

Owned and operated by one man, this small enclave is a welcoming site to see after venturing deep into Salar de Uyuni and beyond. Everything in the hotel is new, quiet, very clean and very private. Heaters and breakfast are included with a nights’ stay at this wonderful little hotel.

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What is There to See in Uyuni?

In the city of Uyuni, there isn’t much to do in terms of site seeing; aside from the train cemetery which is just outside of the city limits in the middle of a field cast forever into history. There is also the central plaza where restaurants, handicraft shops and bars are located, as well as many tourism companies. One could simply show up in Uyuni, book a hotel room and a tour for the following day if inspired, however, it is much easier to do this all ahead of time, preferably with an agency that knows the area, what you’re looking for, and your budget.