/Five Awesome Airbnbs in Bolivia

Five Awesome Airbnbs in Bolivia

Our friends always ask us where to stay when they visit Bolivia. After spending the past couple of years helping friends (and friends of friends) look for apartments to rent in Bolivia, we assembled a ready-to-go list of our favorite Airbnbs in Bolivia.

If you’re traveling to Bolivia and don’t want to stay at a hotel, Airbnb is a great option. There aren’t a ton of Airbnbs available in Bolivia, but you do some research, there’s a few gems in there.  Here’s a list of our favorite five places to stay in Bolivia from Airbnb!

1. This 10-bedroom castle just outside of La Paz.

For sheer “whoa” factor, this is pretty hard to beat. This 200-year old castle offers an unusual rustic experience for just $200 per night. The castle has fireplaces, a swimming pool, and 10 guest bedrooms. It can accommodate a dozen or more travelers. The property is located in Sapahaqui, in the outer suburbs of La Paz. The property has a perfect 5 out of 5 rating.  View the full listing on Airbnb here.

2. This fantastic finca in Samaipata

One of our favorite destinations in Bolivia, Samaipata is a honestly not to be missed! The Finca de Vispera villa was designed with an eye toward feng shui and a respectful interaction with the natural environment. The 3-bedroom/ 2-bathroom villa has comfortable indoor spaces but its real assets are the indoor/outdoor spaces: patios, semi-covered gardens, and decks. The villa is $180 a night and offers great discounts for weekly or monthly stays.  See the full Airbnb listing here.

3. This gorgeous lake house overlooking Titicaca

There’s a few nice hotels in Copacabana, but if you’re traveling to Lake Titicaca with some friends, then your best bet may be to rent a house. This gorgeous, modern 5-bedroom place is our go-to. It’s got some stunning views of the lake and it’s a short walk into town. At almost $500 a night, this just might be the most expensive Airbnb in Bolivia, but if you can afford it, the price is reasonable compared to what you might pay for the same place in Europe.  See the full Airbnb listing here.

4. This Tudor-style villa in Samaipata

For rustic charm, it’s hard to beat this wonderful stucco abode surrounded by gardens about 15 minutes outside the gorgeous town of Samaipata. Called Villa Rossy, this small estate has 5 bedrooms and accommodates up to 10 guests. The place goes for $150 a night, with weekly and monthly discounts available. See the full Airbnb listing here.

5. This luxe country house on Isla del Sol

If breathtaking views are your thing, this amazing home on Isla del Sol is for you. Isla del Sol is a wonderful, walkable island in the middle of Lake Titicaca, not far from Peru. If you have a few days to kill in Bolivia, you should plan to spend a day or two on Isla del Sol, having a hike, exploring pre-Inca ruins, or just drinking in the view. This 2-bedroom home is a perfect place to spend the night and enjoy the sunup over the iconic lake. The home has comfortable and modern furnishings and beautiful local art. The home goes for $160 a night.  See the full Airbnb listing here.

Have you found any good Airbnbs in La Paz? We’d love to hear about them. Let us know in the comments below.