/Our Favorite Restaurants in La Paz, Bolivia
La Paz, Bolivia

Our Favorite Restaurants in La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz is rich with restaurants and snack stands that range in price and quality. Some of the best meals can be found in local restaurants offering 2-3 course set lunch options for US $1.50 -$2.00.


Some of our favorite restaurants in La Paz include:


English Pub

Photo: English Pub

This classic watering hole is  located on the corner of Linares and Tarija just one block up from the busy Four Corners intersection of La Paz.

The entrance to the pub is a door on the corner that can be easy to miss. This restaurant has a laid back English style pub theme. The pub has a section with sofas on the left, a half dozen tables in the middle and a long bar on the far right. The atmosphere is welcoming and relaxed. The service has always been great.

Drinks are mid-range in price and cater to backpackers and tourists. The menu features typical English pub fare with a variety of meat and potato based meals, pasta options, sandwiches and a few curries. The meals are huge and very enjoyable after a long day of sightseeing.

Namas Te

Photo: TripAdvisor

This vegetarian restaurant serves up delicious Indian food in a calm and welcoming environment. It well deserves the #1 rating on TripAdvisor that it has had for quite some time. Namas Te is located just a few blocks from the central tourist area.

The restaurant is only open until 7pm but offers a wonderful set menu for lunch. The set menu lunch “almuerzo” includes 4 courses and varies daily but generally includes a salad or appetizer, soup, main dish and a dessert for just 23 Bolivianos.

This restaurant is nicely decorated with colorful wall art, small tables and includes a shelf of used books for sale.


This restaurant is worth visiting if you are in the area. The relaxing atmosphere is a nice contrast to the chaos of the black market just outside. Plus the dishes are innovative and enjoyable especially for vegetarians with fewer dining options around town.


Photo: TripAdvisor

What is there to say about this world class eatery that hasn’t been said before?

Opened in 2012 by Chef Claus Meyer, proprietor of Denmark’s Noma restaurant and force behind the New Nordic Food Movement, Gustu offers a fresh and innovative take on Bolivian ingredients. The restaurant offers simple but rich fare that sources all ingredients from Bolivia.

The restaurant serves as a training facility for Bolivian youth, developing the next generation of culinary artists with a rigorous but rewarding training program.

This Zona Sur institution fills up fast, so if you’re thinking about visiting Gustu restaurant, make your reservation today.

Mercado Lanza

antichucos bolivia
Grill beef heart, antichuchos

In the heart of the tourist area next to plaza San Francisco is a tall white building. This is Mercado Lanza. This indoor market houses hundreds of vendors selling food, gifts, electronics, party supplies, smoothies and other goodies.

For 10-15 Bolivianos you can have a filling lunch which usually includes soup with a main course of meat, potatoes, rice and a few vegetables. Most of the booths have similar lunch offers and menus. I would recommend picking one of the busier restaurants. The busier the better.

There is a large variety of restaurants in La Paz such as Thai, Cuban, Mexican, Dutch, French, Italian and various cafes and bakeries. We have even seen sushi on the menu at a nice Bolivian restaurant called El Pueblito off Sagarnaga. In La Paz you will find a variety of great restaurants and food to satisfy any craving.

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