/3 Extreme Adventures in Bolivia

3 Extreme Adventures in Bolivia

Bolivia is the ideal destination for outdoor adventurers. With a vast untouched varied landscape, the country had innumerable opportunities for adventure enthusiasts to explore. The geography of Bolivia ranges from the tropical lowlands to jagged glaciated mountain peaks jutting up over 6000 meters into the sky. Each of the Bolivian terrains offers a unique opportunity to experience the outdoors. While there are too many treks, climbs or rides to mention in one blog post, we’ve chosen a few of our favorites to share with you.

A death-defying ride down the World’s Most Dangerous Road

Connecting the high altiplano of La Paz with tropical Yungas region, the World’s Most Dangerous Road is a thrilling feat. The “road” is more akin to a narrow dirt path, precariously clinging to the lush mountainside and facing the steep cliff drops into the abyss off the other. The totally downhill ride consists of one tight turn after the next, and the small crosses that dot the trail marking the spots of those less fortunate are the only sort of warning signs for riders. Numerous operators offer trips to the World’s Most Dangerous Road leaving out of La Paz. However, be sure to pick your company carefully, not all operate with the most well maintained equipment, which could add to the danger of the journey. Those who survive the ride commonly known as Death Road earn bragging rights for the rest of their life.

Rafting Treacherous Whitewater Rapids

The landlocked country of Bolivia may not be the first destination that comes to mind for those who like to spend their time on the water. But what Bolivia doesn’t have in oceans it makes up for in rapidly moving riviers. Nestled in the midst of untouched jungle terrain. The icy waters of the Zongo Valley in the Cordillera Real Mountain Range are classified as Class V rapids, meaning they are some of the most extreme continually moving rapids available. Alternative whitewater adventures can be found along the Tuichi River in the Amazon, one of the most rarely explored areas in Bolivia and the world. No matter where you chose to ride the river, the experience in Bolivia will be like no other. Treacherous terrain and an untouched landscape make Bolivian whitewater a must-do activity for thrill-seeking whitewater fanatics.

Summiting the formidable Volcan Illimani

There are many treks in Bolivia that can be accomplished by everyone from advanced climbers to beginners. Volcan Illimani, however, is not one of them. The second highest peak in Bolivia, reaching a height of 6438 meters, climbing Volcan Illimani is both a thrilling and perilous expedition. Steep ice covered cliffs mark the expedition from the base to the summit, and represent some of the toughest glacier travel available. The dormant volcano sets the backdrop of the city of La Paz, and summiting the majestic peak is filled with unsurpassed scenery and a number of ecosystems and a harsh landscape. Ice-climbing one’s way to the top is an unforgettable experience and the reward of reaching the towering summit is well worth the difficult journey to the top.

Bolivia is an extreme destination waiting to be discovered

Even if you chose not to take on one of the adventures outlined above, Bolivia in itself is an extreme destination waiting to be explored. From the vast arid salt flats of the Salar de Uyuni to the humid virgin jungle of the deep Amazon, Bolivia is a country of contrasts ripe for outdoor adventure. So pack you backpack and come on down to one of the least traveled countries in South America. For outdoor enthusiasts, the adventure experience in Bolivia is hard tobeat